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7 Reasons We Serve Our Clients Water During Visits

The body of a human adult is made up of approximately 60% water. The heart and the brain, according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, are made up of 73% water. On the other hand, the lungs comprise almost 83% water.
The muscles and kidneys comprise 79% water, the skin 64%, and the bones 31%. And…
The daily recommended amount of water for drinking is eight 8-ounce glasses. Follow the 8×8 rule to keep your body hydrated.
However, little evidence exists to explain the 8×8 rule.

Water is found in plain water, liquids, and foods. And, it’s an essential nutrient your body requires to function optimally. Therefore, you must consume water in the form of drinking water, liquids, and foods to replace the large amounts you lose daily through sweat and urination.

Loss of fluids in your body occurs through urine, breathing, evaporation through the skin, and stool. You must replace all these fluid losses daily to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

When you lose more water than your intake, your body becomes dehydrated. Further loss of fluids occurs when engaging in strenuous exercise, during warmer climates such as summer, in older adults with a less sharp sense of thirst, and in high altitudes.
The skin is the largest body organ that mainly comprises of water, meaning it can’t function optimally without water.
Dehydration affects the skin immensely, causing it to become tight, dry, and flaky, atop being prone to aging. But, hydration results in a visible difference on your skin.

At California Tan Long Beach, we encourage our clients to drink lots of water before and after tanning their skin for a beautiful glow.
We use top quality water filter pitchers to ensure that our clients have access to clean water for drinking. Designed for your needs, pitchers remove all kinds of impurities from water.

Here’re some health benefits of drinking water on the skin:

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Reduced wrinkles

Hydrated skin is less prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Water moisturizes the skin, in turn increasing its elasticity. As a result, fewer wrinkles are visible on elastic skin. Our clients drink lots of water to enjoy reduced wrinkles on their skin. After having a tan on their skin, they look younger and more beautiful.

Improved skin complexion

Drinking lots of water keeps the skin hydrated, helping fight various skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Water helps the digestive system to flush out toxins present in your body. This enhances your skin complexion for a glow. When you drink water, more blood flows to the skin, resulting in even skin complexion and tone. This further boosts your skin tan for a beautiful look.

Reduced skin puffiness

Sometimes, the skin tends to swell when your body retains water.
Why would your body retain water?
The body swells when you’re dehydrated to protect you. Drink a lot of water to reduce swelling and puffiness on your skin. It also gives you smooth skin for added suppleness. This also benefits our skin tan clients who care about the smoothness of their skin.

Hastens to heal

Sunburns are painful and tend to last longer. Our clients experience faster healing when they drink water before and after the skin tanning process. Water hastens healing from sunburns and even protects the skin from UV rays damage. Although you’ll need Aloe Vera to eradicate sunburns, drinking lots of water quickens the healing process.

Clears acne

Acne is common in adults and unsightly.
About 40% to 55% of adults aged between 20 and 40 years have acne. The common skin problem is stubborn and difficult to treat or eradicate.
However, drinking lots of water can ease the skin issue. Water flushes out toxins from your body and skin. It also reduces your skin pores and reduces clogging. As a result, your skin is less likely to cause a zit.

Our clients benefit from drinking water if they have acne. It eases the condition to make tanning less painful and more successful.

Slows the aging process

Fine lines and wrinkles on the skin are associated with aging.

Water also makes the skin plumper to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Signs of aging are also invisible on plump skin due to reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, keeping your body hydrated slows down the aging process.

Reduced pores

During the day, the skin pores get enlarged or clogged depending on various factors. Drinking enough water balances moisture and oil levels on the skin surface.

As a result, your pores reduce in size to prevent pimples and acne breakouts. It also reduces blemishes on your skin. This is beneficial for clients planning to tan their skin.

Reduced itchiness

Dehydrated skin is susceptible to cracks, dryness, itchiness, and flakiness.

But, drinking water hydrates the skin to prevent issues related to dehydration. Hydrated skin is less prone to itchiness and cracks. Therefore, our clients are less likely to scratch their skin after a tan.

pH balance

Problematic skin is likely experiencing an imbalance in pH. A healthy and balanced skin pH is key to glowing, blemish-free skin. Water balances your skin pH for improved skin health. This helps our clients achieve greater results after a tan.

Tighter skin

Aging and weight loss are factors responsible for causing sagging skin. Drink lots of water to tighten the skin around your stomach, jawline, legs, and arms.
Water enhances skin elasticity, meaning it can easily bounce back to its tightness from sagging.


Drink more water daily to nourish the skin with essential nutrients. Dehydration affects the body both mentally and physically. Drink lots of water daily.
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