Fun Ways to Give Your Kids an Easy Skin Tan from Home

Fun Ways to Give Your Kids an Easy Skin Tan from Home

Kids usually have soft and delicate skin, meaning they need extra care.


If your kids want a skin tan, you need to be even more careful how you go about it. Many kids, just like adults, like the way their skin looks with a tan.

However, opt only for safe skin tan remedies to give your kids their desired look. Here’re some safe ways you can give kids an easy and safe skin:

8 Ways to Give Kids a Safe Tan from Home

  • Sun tan

The sun can give your kids a beautiful tan. However, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays has various risks such as skin cancer.

Therefore, you need to take precaution when sun tanning to prevent or minimize likely risks. Note that wearing sunscreen alone isn’t enough to protect your kids’ skin from the harmful sun rays.

Consider the following tips to help your kids tan faster in the sun and reduce the risks involved. They’ll reduced UV exposure and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

  • Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen – let your kids wear SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen for UV protection. If you must use a tanning oil, make sure it has some UV protection. Apply the sunscreen on your kids’ skin about 20 minutes after getting outdoors.


SPF 30+ is powerful enough to block UVB and UVA rays, but still allows your little ones to get a beautiful tan. Also make sure that the sunscreen is full ounce for added protection.


  • Eat foods rich in beta carotene – feed your kids sweet potatoes, carrots and kale to help them tan without getting sunburns. Existing research shows that beta carotene helps minimize the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, especially in people with photosensitive conditions.


  • Change sitting positions regularly – this help your little ones prevent a single part of the body from burning.


  • Stay out within the melanin cut-off point – don’t let your kids stay in the sun longer than it takes their skin to develop melanin, the pigment behind tanning. Melanin usually has a cut-off point of about 2 to 3 hours.


After this period, your kids’ skin won’t tan anymore within the day. Staying longer in the sun beyond the cut-off point exposes the skin to UV rays.


  • Use oils with natural or organic SPF – oils such as coconut, avocado, carrot, and raspberry can give your kids’ skin an added dose of SPF protection and hydration. However, never replace your normal sunscreen with the oils. They can only work as supplements.


  • Eat foods rich in lycopene – a couple of studies revealed that lycopene can protect the skin from UV rays naturally. Therefore, let your kids consume guava, tomatoes, and watermelon a few weeks before the tan.


  • Wear strapless tops – dress your kids in strapless tops to help your kids get an even tan without lines showing on the skin.


  • Tan at the right time – the sun is strongest from noon to 3 p.m. however, due to the strength of the sun rays at this time, they can cause the most damage.


Prolonged exposure to the strong rays increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Let your kids tan in the morning sun or past 3p.m. if they have extremely fair skin. This helps prevent sunburns.


  • Take breaks – get your kids under some shade during short breaks from the intense sun heat to reduce the chance of getting burns.


  • Prepare well for the tan – prepare your kids’ skin for the tan to ensure it lasts longer. Exfoliate prior to the tan and apply Aloe Vera gel afterwards to help their tan last longer.


  • Tanning lotion

Your kids can get color the easy way using tanning lotion. Test your lotion on a small spot first before using it because most products are usually in a single shade. Exfoliate your kids’ skin first for the best rests. And, wash your hands thoroughly when done.

  • Spray tanning

Gives kids immediate, but temporary skin tan. Your kids also have lots of shade options to consider. However, you need to find the best tanning salon nearby unless you’re a skin tan specialist and can give your kids a spray tan at home.

  • Pastel and pale colored clothing

Cloth your kids in light blues, pinks or yellows to get an easy skin tan. Make sure the specific colors you pick complement your kids’ skin tone well. If your kids don’t have extremely fair skin, let them adorn whites.

  • Hot showers

You can also allow your kids to have a hot shower before walking outside for a sun tan. The best infrared heaters are safe for kids and pets, atop giving a mild tan post a prolonged shower.


  • Mineral bronzing powder or tinted moisturizer

Your kids are guaranteed the ability to adjust their desired shades, instant gratification and ease of removable. Opt for powder with shimmer to give your kids a glow because they reflect light. Highlight skin areas such as shoulders, arms, chest and legs that the sun naturally touches.

Alternatively, opt for a tinted body lotion or tinted moisturizer for similar results with a shimmer look. They also moisturize the skin to keep it hydrated and supple.

  • Basking next to a pellet stove

You can also let your kids sit near your pellet stoves when barbecuing dinner for the family. The heat from the stove won’t just cook your delicacies and keep you warm in winter, but also give your kids a mild tan.


  • Gradual tanner

Apply a gradual tanner regularly for positive results. Include it in your daily routine and make sure it’s SPF protected. This strategy takes a few days to give a tan, but can work wonders for your kids.