Seven steps to getting the perfect tan

The summer is a time for fun in the sun, swimming, and tanning. Do you want to know how to get that perfect, natural-looking tan? Follow these steps below and you’ll be golden!

  1. Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub before applying a self-tanner. This will ensure the product doesn’t stick where it shouldn’t on your body.
  2. Moisturize – After exfoliating, moisturize in order to keep dryness from setting in while you wait for your new glow.
  3. Use an exfoliant mitt for easier application when using a tanning solution that requires gloves like St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Lotion 4 hours Express (not included). 4x10ml each). It’s important to wear gloves during application. To make it easier to apply, use an exfoliant mitt with the lotion and wash afterwards for easy clean up!
  4. Start by applying lotion on any dry areas on your body such as your hands and feet. This helps prevent cracking which can lead to chipping or peeling later on. Then apply it all over your whole body, including your face and ears because they are also susceptible to burning from too much exposure to UV rays while unprotected. Be sure not to forget behind your knees, between!